Tracing Outstanding Debt

Our speciality is problem municipal accounts, which is why the tracing of outstanding debts is something we do quickly and cost effectively.

Meter Installations

Meter Installations We can assist with all types of meter enquiries, such as billing of estimated meter readings, incorrect meter readings and corrections of meter readings. Need to install a meter? We can help you with the entire process and have your meter up and running in the least amount of time and with the [...]

Opening and Closing of Accounts

Opening and Closing of Accounts Opening or closing an account requires time, effort and patience, which is often difficult to give in our busy day-to-day lives, especially while relocating. City Council Solutions can assist you with the entire process - from filing out your application, paying the new deposit, and the opening or closing of [...]

Account Enquiries

Account Enquiries and Metering Problems We know that receiving a bill that is extremely high or out of the ordinary can cause major anxiety and stress in your life.  We specialise in problem accounts from City of Tshwane.  We do a thorough investigation to solve and clear your query, making sure that you are well [...]

Clearance Applications

Clearance Applications Rates Clearance Certificates are needed and obtained to certify that the seller does not owe any money to the City Council. A property cannot be transferred from the seller to the purchaser without the Rates Clearance Certificate. We can assist with the application process in order to make this an easy and problem-free experience for you. Why [...]

New Accounts for Subdivided Properties

New Accounts for Subdivided Properties When subdividing a property there are many steps that the City of Tshwane needs to take in order to complete the process. New portions need to be created on the council map, the previous property needs to be devalued and closed and all new information regarding the new portions needs [...]

Refunds of Credits

Refunds of Credits Acquiring a refund from the Council is a tedious and painful process.  We take all the necessary steps to make sure this process is seamless and as quick as possible: We investigate the status of your account/s. We apply for the refund that is owed to you. We assist you every step [...]

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