Account Enquiries


“We have had a long business relationship with City Council Solutions and can only attest that their service is impeccable and they are always willing to walk the extra mile. We will always recommend them to our clients.”

Nicci du Toit, Mariana Pera Attorneys

Account Enquiries and Metering Problems

We know that receiving a bill that is extremely high or out of the ordinary can cause major anxiety and stress in your life.  We specialise in problem accounts from City of Tshwane.  We do a thorough investigation to solve and clear your query, making sure that you are well aware of anything that is going on with your account.  We strive to assist you with anything you may need, no matter how big or small.  Let us know your concerns, queries and issues, and we will do the rest.


Why Choose Us?

We have experience.

We have been assisting clients since 2006 and have the knowledge, expertise and staff to solve any problem you may have with the City of Tshwane. We have seen it all!

We are reliable and Trustworthy.

In our industry, there is a lot of fly by night agents, looking to make a quick buck for as little effort as possible. You can count on us to solve your problem with integrity, dedication and honesty.

We get the job done.

We will dedicate ourselves to your needs until there is a solution or outcome to your query. No matter the size or amount of work, we will make sure to get you the answers and help that you need.

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